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Monthly Mortgage Payment Got You Stressed Out or Under Water?

The first thing you need to know is that you're in good hands with the Jim Berg Team. We're certified experts with specialized training to help you navigate the best possible outcome with your home... and to help you get back on track with your finances.

Let us help you evaluate your options and Avoid Foreclosure Now. We understand that there are many reasons why you may be unable to pay your mortgage. You are not alone in this tough economy. While it may seem that there is no way to avoid foreclosure, we can evaluate your specific situation, and explain your options to stop foreclosure. As specialists, we will be able to work with you personally and determine the options you have available to you.

Our goal is to help ease the stress and stop foreclosure from ruining your credit.

Take a Breath... It's Going to Be OK!

Short Sale CertifiedA Certified Distressed Property Expert® is a real estate professional with specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the real estate industry, and the foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPEs are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing hardships in today’s market, specifically short sales.

The prospect of foreclosure can be financially and emotionally devastating, SO YOU WANT TO AVOID IT! Often homeowners proceed without guidance of any kind. The best course of action for a homeowner in distress is to speak with a well-informed, licensed real estate professional. We have the tools needed to help homeowners find the best solution for their situation. Often, when other options have been exhausted, we can help homeowners avoid foreclosure through the efficient execution of a Short Sale.

Short Sale: When a homeowner (borrower) owes an amount on the property that, when combined with closing costs, etc. is higher than the current market value of the home... they are "short" on the closing.

Our job is to help negotiate with the mortgage company/companies to accept less than the full balance of the loan at closing, find a buyer for the home, and close on the property. The goal is to prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure: This happens when there is a legal proceeding by the lien holder (often your mortgage lender) in which they take back your property in order to recover the amount that is owed by the homeowner. We want to HELP YOU AVOID FORECLOSURE because of the consequences it has.

What's the Difference? Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Short Sale vs ForeclosureA Short Sale is the sale of a property, with the authorization of the creditors, for less than what is owed on it. Short sales are done all the time. Whether it is the forgiveness of debt owed by a nation or an individual, it simply means that someone is willing to settle for less than what they originally anticipated. It's part of business. All lenders know that they will not win all the time.

Risk and loss of capital is an anticipated cost in the lending industry. Many lenders are willing to mitigate further risk of loss by making deals before auction. Bad debt is sold by lenders all the time. For instance, there is a huge market for unsecured credit card debt that is sold for pennies on the dollar to collection agencies. That's self-effectuated short sales. Lenders are more than happy to discuss resolution of aged debt. Their business is to lend capital, not dispose of foreclosed assets... like houses.

What are The Benefits of Avoiding a Foreclosure?

There are a lot of advantages of avoiding a Foreclosure and instead, proceeding with a short sale of your home. You can Download the Short-vs-Foreclosure Comparison PDF for a chart of specifics. Here are some general rules as of 2010:

  • Foreclosure may lower your credit score over 300 points!
  • Foreclosure will remain on public credit history for 10+ years!
  • Foreclosure affects Security Clearance (Military, Police,etc)
  • Foreclosure info is available to Employers!
  • Foreclosure will allow bank the right to deficiency judgment!
  • Foreclosure is a Stressful Process that is often devestating to the family

A SHORT SALE may be the answer to get you back on track!

As Certified Distressed Property Experts® we're here to help you find out if a Short Sale is a good option for you. You can find out by Completing our Confidential Form right here online.

In General, you have to meet a few basic requirements. If you do, then we can take further steps to discover if this is the right method for you.

1. Have you missed a mortgage payment, or do you know you will miss a future payment?

2. Has your financial status or ability to pay changed since you purchased your home?

3. Has your situation changed; and are/will you have a difficult time making future payments?

If this sounds like your situation, complete our Confidential Online Form and we'll privately let you know if a Short Sale is an option for your situation...

Confidential Home Owner's Short-Sale Inquiry Form

Complete this short form to the best of your ability and we will let you know if you would qualify for a Short Sale of your home:

  1. Have you missed any mortgage payments, or do you anticipate missing future mortgage payments?
  2. Have you received correspondence from your bank/lender about your mortgage or have you been sent a Foreclosure Notice?
  3. If behind in payments, about how many have you missed?
  4. What was the purchase price of your home?
  5. About how much do you owe left on your mortgage?
  6. How much do you think your property would sell for in this market?
  7. Are you in bankruptcy or considering filing for it?
  8. Due to your circumstances, do you need to move out of your home by a specific date? If so, when?
  9. Are you currently living in the home?

  10. How would you rate the condition of the home
(Poor=1, Excellent=10)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  Address of the Property
  Your Name
  Home phone w/ area code
  Your E-mail address

Please feel free to add any other comments here regarding the change in your financil state (loss of job, decreased wages, debt issues, death in the family, etc) or any other info you would like to share that would be helpful in determining if you would qualify for a short sale: