Selling Your Home? A Message from Jim Berg:

The #1 Home Sellers Marketing Plan... Up Front!

I Guarantee the Most Advanced Home Sellers Marketing Plan in Minnesota. And... I provide the details up front so you can see exactly what we'll do to get your home sold along with the commission rates and my guarantee in writing.

My first experience with a Realtor was terrible. It was a high pressure visit where the agent tried to push us into signing a contract right then and there. I later found out this is how most Realtors work. That's why they don't tell you much up front. You're overwhelmed with statistics and papers... and convinced you need to sign a listing contract. Well, things are different with the Jim Berg Team!

I want you to review our Sellers Markeing Plan BEFORE we meet. Because I'm not going to be doing some "dog-and-pony" show for you. You can review my plan here on this web page, by watching my videos, and by looking over my marketing booklet. I want our meeting to concentrate on your home, your next steps, and reviewing the market data to determine a price for your home. I'll take a tour of your home... and we'll look over the current market figures. Then I'll leave so you can discuss your options.

Compare my plan to anyone else you choose. I've helped 650 of the nation's top Realtors sell their own client's homes, and I'll bring the same tech experience to your home sale. I'm confident in my marketing skills... and I know you'll make the right choice for you and your family.

Watch some of the videos below to find out why my team has a 99% customer satisfaction rating. And then get in touch!

How We'll Get Your Home SOLD: Marketing Plan Overview | Marketing Videos

THE JIM BERG TEAM: Seller's Marketing Plan

The home selling process doesn't need to feel overwhelming. When you choose us as your Twin Cities Real Estate Team, you can count on us to do what we say we'll do.

My Team is committed to exceptional service. When you work with us, we make your number one goal our number one goal. Our 99% Customer Satisfaction rating backs it up. We're here to make the home selling process smooth, enjoyable, and stress free.

VIDEO: Team Background. Overview of Our Marketing Plan. Our Stress-Free Home Visit. Preview Our Sellers Marketing Plan Booklet. YouTube Videos. Up Front Costs.

ABOUT JIM: My Team's Approach

I don't feel people make the best decisions when pressured. That's why I provide my marketing plan up front, though our "Sellers Marketing Book", our web sites, and our videos. That way, you can take the time to review our approach to any other marketing plan in the area.

I want our meeting to concentrate on your home selling plans, your next steps, the features of your home, and reviewing the current market data to arrive at the correct selling price for your home. I'll take a brief tour of your home and give you tips on what will help you prepare it to sell. Then I'll leave! I wouldn't rush into listing my own family home without privately discussing it, and I don't expect you to either.

VIDEO: Describes our approach to selling your home. Communication Tools Keep You In the Loop. Online Seller's Results Timeline. Weekly Stats Reporting Your Home's Marketing Progress. Exposure on National Sites Like Zillow, Trulia,,, etc.

BRANDING: It Matters Who You Choose

With more than 90,000 agents in over 90 countries, REMAX has a worldwide presence greater than any other agency. We're the #1 Brand. We've got more advertising exposure with TV, radio, web, and print than any other real estate agency worldwide. For nearly 20 years, REMAX sells more homes than any other agency in the world. Last year alone, the Jim Berg Team showed buyers over 800 properties in the Twin Cities. Our Team is the area's leader with over 100 domains and exposure on over 100,000 web sites. Our brokerage is ranked in the Top 5 of all brokerages in the entire USA in home sales and transactions.

VIDEO: Why the Company You Choose Matter. Our Company Rated #1 Worldwide. Brand Awareness. Name Recognition. Most Recommended Brokerage. #1 Agency in All Metrics. More Exposure Over the Competition.

FIRST STEPS: We'll Help You Get Started

When you're ready to sell your home... we're ready to get to work. After meeting at your home, we'll provide valuable tips to help prepare your home for showings. If necessary, we can even bring in our professional staging company to assist with the process.

When it comes time to sign listing paperwork, you can even do that online via our e-signature portal. With our "Results Timeline" app, you'll be kept in the loop in regards to exactly where we're at in the process.

VIDEO: Visiting Your Home. Paperwork Forms. Electronic Signing. Home Preparation. Staging Services. Handyman Assistance.

DIGITAL MEDIA: Your Home's 1st Impression

With over 98% of buyers doing their home research online... your homes "digital first impression" is really important. We've invested in state-of-the-art photography and digital editing equipment to assure your home looks better than the competition.

The digital media we gather is one of the most important steps, as the media is used in almost every other aspect of our marketing plan. From brochures, flyers, and online slideshows, to our virtual tour package.

VIDEO: Why Our Experience Matters. Professional Photography. Digital Imaging. Using Technology. Flying Cameras. Reports on Exposure. Stunning Media.

VIRTUAL TOUR: It's Just The Beginning

The demand for video content has exploded, and real estate is no exception. Our technology is literally the first thing buyers see when looking for their next home.

Your home is exposed to buyers through every conceivable device with HD, magazine quality, hi-res images. Our VT package even comes with statistics that are emailed to you every week.

VIDEO: MN's Most Advanced Home Sellers Marketing Plan. Your Home's First Impression. Virtual Tours. HD Photography/Videos. Exposure on Mobile Devices. QR Codes. Sample Tour.

INTERNET: You'll Get Maximum Exposure

We're committed to putting your home in front of millions of potential buyers. From our 100+ domain names, to listing your home on over 100,000 web sites... you'll get exposure that others can't provide

You also get FULL brokerage reciprocity which means when you work with our team... it's like you have a Realtor from every brokerage working on your behalf. We guarantee the most internet exposure of any agency in Minnesota. That translates into more buyers seeing your home.

VIDEO: Guaranteeing Most Exposure. SEO Opimization. Sydication. Maximum Exposure. Exposure on All Brokerages. 100,000 Web Sites.

SYNDICATION: Beyond the Competition

We maintain a top position in the market by giving you top exposure on EVERY brokerage... not just REMAX. Your home has top ranking on Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Sotherby's, Edina Realty, Prudential, IBR, Counselor, Keller Williams, RHS, and others.

Our web sites have been ranked among the top in the country. Buyers can research property via slideshows, virtual tours, school statistics, neighborhood demographics, economic data, green scores, and via satellite imagery.

VIDEO: New Exposure on Google TV, Social Media Exposure.

TECHNOLOGY: We're Leading the Way

In addition to printed marketing, newspaper ads, magazine exposure, and targeted mailings, we're leading the way in future trends by adapting the latest technology. From our weekly sellers statistics, to Near-Field Communication products and exposure on Google TV, etc... you can bet that we'll be leading the way in the market. Cuz we LOVE technology!

VIDEO: How Technology Helps Sellers. Near Field Tech. News/Print Media. Targeted Mailings. Magazine Exposure. Signage. Drone Camera/Video.

PAYING IT FORWARD: Our Team Philosoply

We're blessed to be living and working in the Twin Cities area. We believe it's a privilege to give back after every transaction to those less fortunate around the globe.

Currently, we're teamed up with Operation Blessing to provide life-changing cleft palate surgical repair to children in Africa, India and Asia. We're also involved in a "water is Life" project that provides for the installation of life sustaining clean water in villages in Africa. You can read about these life changing stories on our home page.

VIDEO: How Philosophy on Business. Projects We're Involved With Around the World.

MARKETING: 100 Steps We'll Provide

At the end of our marketing plan book, you'll see every step we'll provide to get your home marketed and sold. We'll guarantee it in writing, and provide you with the commission rates right up front.

Feel free to request our marketing book in advance of our meeting at your home. We'll have it in your mailbox overnight.

VIDEO: Details of All Marketing Steps. Up Front Costs. Guaranteed Marketing Plan Exposure.

We GUARANTEE The Most Comprehensive Seller's Marketing Plan in Minnesota

Experience the Difference Experience Makes!

When you're ready to take the next step toward selling your home, we're here to help. Our comprehensive marketing plan will get your home in front of millions of potential buyers.  We'll put together a custom marketing plan with an effective price. A well priced home often generates competing offers and drives up the final sale value. Our market analysis takes into account the most actively searched prices and home values throughout the Twin Cities area, including expired listings and properties still on the market.

Maximum Exposure and Effective Internet Marketing... Guaranteed

We'll use the most advanced technology available to keep our marketing innovative and one step ahead of the competition. With more than 98% of buyers using the web as their first form of research... we want your home to have an exceptional first impression. 

Sit Back and Relax... We'll Be With You Every Step of the Way

We're hear to help with every step of the process.  From prepping your home for buyers, to staging, negotiating the best offer, completing the home inspection, coordinating the closing and mortgage payoffs... you can relax and know that we've got your back!  As your professional aides, we also oversee all paperwork related to the sale.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of the professionals at the Jim Berg Team. If you'd like to discuss your next home sale today, please contact us anytime.

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